Book Signing at Ernst and Young's 2018 Stragetic Growth Forum

Listen. This was the story of how it went down.

Over the summer, I was in this summer program for young entrepreneurs called NFTE. At the end of the program, the top achieving young entrepreneurs got a chance to compete for an investment of $10,000 (It was kinda like a mini-Shark Tank!) The judges loved me, and I won. Because I won, not only did I get the investment into my company, but I also got opportunities after opportunities. This opportunity with Ernst and Young was by far the BIGGEST yet! 

I was on my way to Palm Springs JW Marriot, present a motivational speech, and do a little book-signing (and most importantly, dance on stand with Kelly Clarkson! )

On my way there, my mom and I were driving on the freeway with our 1978 unregistered, putt-putt Toyota. I tell you, I was scared out of my wits because I thought that car was either going to break on us (because it was putt) or the police was going to (woop, woop) pull up on us. But none of that happened. Thank God! 

We made it over to Palm Springs with a load of books and Scribble shirts in the trunk. When we got out of the car, a 7/ 11 cup rolled out right with us. The bellmen just flat-out, laughed at us with our dirty, broken down car. It was so embarassing. 

A NFTE representative met with us, and we were on our way for the weekend in Palm Springs. I presented flawlessly and touched hearts. After people were coming over to my book signing in crowds! It was a true blessing.

It was like nothing that I ever experienced before. I had room service. I talked to like-minded individuals. I meet the CEO of Headspace. I danced with Kelly Clarkson. I rode in a golf cart. A GOLF CART. 

When I left, I knew that I NEEDED to find some excuse to go to the next Stragetic Growth Forum with Ernst and Young. That's why I go as hard as I do with self-promotion.

Self-promotion is something that as an introvert, I was afraid to do. I thought to myself, "Maybe someone will just find me and it will all work out." But nobody could find me until I found me and became comfortable with myself and what I do. I really want to change the world, and I need  self-promote and gain connections to do that. 

I know God is not done with me yet! Stay tuned.